Tony Day LIVE @ T&T Waterfront Night Market

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Toronto Port Lands T&T Supermarket, 222 Cherry St, M5A 3L2, Toronto

The 6th Annual T&T Waterfront Night Market is a unique experience set to take place on Aug 14-16 2015 at T&T Supermarket, 222 Cherry st. Downtown, Toronto Port Lands

[WNM DATES] Friday 14th • 6pm – Midnight TONY DAY MUSIC @ 7:30pm


The highly anticipated @[null:#event] will once again treat attendees to a @[null:#unique] @[null:#outdoor] @[null:#culinary] experience featuring an enticing selection of Asian theme ‘@[null:#street] @[null:#food]’ and general merchandise for an all out @[null:#night] @[null:#market] experience.

The essence of the @[null:#WNM] is to provide an array of multicultural theme @[null:#cuisine], uniting different cultures together in participating in a unique social event and is ultimately a showcase of @[null:#Canada]’s @[null:#multicultural] mosaic and unique fusion of foods and @[null:#lifestyle], all integrated into one distinctive destination.

Event is brought to you by: President's Choice & President's Choice Financial Funding provided by: The Government Of Ontario Non-stop entertainment by: Nu-Lite Entertainment

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