1. Bad Idea

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Bad Idea

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I’m the kind of guy who, sends a dozen roses

to a woman that I barely even know

I guess I’m just romantic, I didn’t know you had a boyfriend

When I showed up he was waiting at the door

Another bad idea, to throw on the pile

I wish I could say that it’s been a while

I dust myself off, get back on the horse

She’ll look me up after the pre-nup and the divorce

Sometimes I collect things, like hockey cards and pennies

Once and a while I’ll buy a classic car

Do you know a good mechanic, ‘cause I can barely change a tire

and the cars I have aren’t going very far

Another bad idea, up on a jack

in someone’s garage, I’ll have to pay back

I’ll get another job, move back with my mom

restoring cars and wishing on stars that turn into songs

Another bad idea, a foul into the stands

I’m diving for the catch, I don’t care where I land

The first baseman’s body collides into mine, I reach for the sky

and when we get up the ball’s in my hands

I tried my hand at acting, I’ve even been sky diving

I’ve got tattoos of things I don’t understand

My golf career went nowhere,

I wrote a novel in there somewhere

I’ve got a license to grow marijuana plants

Another bad idea, goes up in smoke

I might have been high when I missed the joke

I dust myself off, and make a new friend

Her name is Christine I’m falling in love all over again