1. Two Wheels

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Two Wheels

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Do you wanna feel the wind blowing through your hair

Put on that leather jacket that you like to wear

I’ll pick you at 7 from your mamma’s place

You’re gonna hear me coming from a mile away

Put your arms around me,

‘cause that’s what I’ve been waiting for

Times like this remind me,

two wheels are sometimes better than four YEAH YEAH YEAH

I used to look up motorcycles in a magazine

Counting down the days ‘till I turn 16

Kawazaki or Ducati I couldn’t decide

I’ll be making payments for the rest of my life


Put your arms around my waist

all my troubles melt away

I feel your heartbeat next to mine

with every mile we leave behind

Hold on tighter every time YEAH YEAH YEAH

I could pop a wheelie if I wanted to

Peel out of every parking lot I’m passing through

But I didn’t get this ride because I like the speed

I just wanted you to notice me