1. Calabria

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Calabria Calabria my father’s homeland

Finally we meet to appease the old man

Your mountains are majestic looking over the sea

I don’t speak Italian but it’s speaking to me to me

I could trade my truck for a Vespa,

roofing is a distant memory

Cruising the cafes and piazzsas,

for women who are out of my league HEY

Calabria Calabria my children in the street

Playing football all day while I work the winery

My wife is in the kitchen with another on the way

No one touches dinner till everyone has prayed, I pray

God send us rain for the grapevines,

strike down all my family’s enemies

Send me a mistress Mona Lisa,

the police they don’t have nothing on me HEY

Calabria Calabria it’s where I’ll grown old

Hiding in the shadows like Don Corleone

Looking over my shoulder with a price on my head

maybe I should stay in Canada instead instead

I’m not cut out for Mafioso

I can’t tell one wine from the next

I don’t really want so many children

but don’t take away my Mona Lisa mistress HEY