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Caffeine Days And Sleepless Nights

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Caffeine days and sleepless nights

It’s hard to come down when you get so high

I like my coffee dark as a moonless sky

Stronger than the sun on the 4th of July

Fresh from Costa Rica, flown in from Colombia

Caffeine days and sleepless nights.

The only thing that gets me going in the morning

A steaming hot cup of platinum grade petroleum

My body runs like a finely tuned machine

As long as I fill it up with gasoline


My favorite barista knows me by my first name

He’s a serious hipster who’s pallet has been well trained

His precision is deft his artistry is true

I’m in and out the door with a perfect cup of brew

I was just a kid when I took my first sip

The taste of Irish cream was sweet upon my lip

It didn’t take long I was hooked on double doubles

Now I gotta bad case of cappuccino troubles


Grown in Guatemala, brewed in Indonesia

Imported from Jamaica, now you know I’m living on

Caffeine days and sleepless nights.