1. Drive

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Drive – Tony Day, Todd Elsliger

Come with me to a drive in movie
There’s a double James Dean bill playing now
This Cadillac roof comes down
Slide closer baby, these old seats were built for making out

Custom paint job, white wall tires
Chrome that sparkles under street lights at night
These are my fuzzy dice
Slide closer baby, pedal to the metal hold on to something tight

Cruising in a car with style, music on the am dial
Heading to lookout point, after we hit the burger joint

Won’t back down from, any challenge
I will leave you, far behind when I drop the clutch
Get ready to eat my dust
Slide outta here baby,
meet you at the finish line don’t make such a fuss

Busted fender, tail pipe dragging
Broken mirrors, headlights cracked and hanging out
The engine shouldn’t make that sound
Slide closer baby, pick me up at seven I need a ride downtown