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More Than Friends

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More Than Friends– Tony Day , Todd Elsliger

We should’ve stayed just friends, beginning of the end
a rebound from the girl I adored
Your hair is just as long, but the color is all wrong
personality that I just ignored
Many weeks go by, I can see it in your eyes
brace myself it’s happening again
When it comes to loving me, it ain’t too hard to see
the reason that we should’ve stayed friends

We should’ve took our time, before we crossed the line
I can’t always be in control
I’m usually not so fast, sometimes I even last
the alcohol must have played a role
In the morning you’ll regret, try not to look upset
if it makes you feel better pretend
That we didn’t have a fling, don’t remember anything
and we should never be more than friends

Is there somebody out there for me?
Don’t wanna be your friend in need
I’m ready for romance, somebody to hold hands and kiss
So here goes another big hit and miss

We should’ve stayed just friends, the day that you moved in
could not have been a bigger mistake
The hours that you keep, the greasy food you eat
I haven’t seen my bathroom in weeks
Your bills are never paid, my stuff is out of place
we haven’t made love since back when
the idea crossed our minds, that we would do just fine
pretending we could be more than friends