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The Rock n' Roll

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The Rock and Roll - Tony Day, Todd Elsliger

Baby you can dance, in your under pants
High heeled boots, alligator shoes
Loosen up your tie, button down your fly
Blue jean baby, tassels on the side
Leather jacket on, tattoo of your mom
Thick rim glasses, won’t go out of fashion
Jewellery galore, dressing like a whore
Nobody gets turned away at the door…

Of the rock n’ roll, oh baby at the rock n’ roll
Oh honey let’s rock n’ roll, we’ll dance to the music and loose control!

High as a kite, sober and up tight
Straight A grades, unrepentant ways
Working for the man, haven’t got a plan
Living in your car, living off the land
Married in the nude, always been a prude
Mayor of a town, dumbest guy around
Captain of the team, woman in my dream
Nobody gets turned away from the scene…


California blond, pink bikini on
Raven haired beauty, with a lot of booty
Country girl hick, motorcycle chick
Inner city woman, it’s so hard to pick
Cheerleading squad, street walking broad
Older or young, piercing in her tongue
Skin as dark as night, or whiter than a dove
Nobody gets turned away from my love..

At the rock and roll, oh baby it’s the rock n’ roll, oh honey let’s rock and roll, oh baby at the rock and roll…