1. Roofing

From the recording Fuzzy Dice

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Roofing. – Tony Day, Todd Elsliger

It's 5 am, before the sun
A roofer's day starts at the break of dawn
Loading up the ladders while the coffee's on

Boost the rolls and the shingles too
The water cooler and the scraping tools
Set up the jacks and planks while the roof is cool

An angry neighbor pulls back curtains
The birds are singing songs
The sound of hammers interrupt
whatever's going on

I'm a roofer on the job
and the roof is heating up

I'm a working man, with tar stained pants
You'd know me by the callus on my hands
The sunburn on my neck is part of who I am

Hanging from, the rope I trust
with my life to hold me up
They pay us by the square on a 40 foot drop

We stop for lunch and find some shade on
solid ground again
Somebody rolls a joint to share with
a few of his only friends
I'm a roofer on the job
and the roof is heating up

I could have worn a shirt and tie
and sat behind a desk but that's no life
if you're not afraid of heights

The sunsets are, a thing to see
The smell of blossoms on the evening breeze
The view goes on forever way above the trees

The beer is colder when you're thirsty
the money ain't too bad
You've got a family at home waiting
I've got a quiet bachelor pad
I'm a roofer on the job, and the roof is heating up